The bands are now preparing for their winter concerts. Beginners are just about ready for their first concert, and 2nd year players are getting ready to show everyone how far they’ve come in one year.

Beginners should continue becoming familiar with their first 5 notes, and developing proper playing habits that are discussed in lessons.

As always, a regular practice routine is necessary to improve and fully enjoy the satisfaction of playing an instrument.

Links on the right may be helpful for any holiday gift ideas, such as music stands, cleaning supplies, metronomes, tuners, etc. There are also many great sheetmusic books available, just try to look for books intended for beginners or young musicians.


This weblog is intended for students and parents involved in the Memorial, Pine Glen and Fox Hill bands.

The hope is that information provided here will aid in the musical education of the student and help parents with some resources to support their child’s experience in the band program.

Feel free to contact Mr. Napierkowski at

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