4th-5th Grade Band Lessons 2021-22

To see the introductory letter please go here.

To see some short videos introducing the band instruments please go here.

If you and your child are willing to commit to lessons and home practice on one of these instruments (recommendation is 4 or more days per week for 10 or more minutes each time), then please follow these steps:

1. Register here. This provides me with information to contact you regarding the program as well as assisting with scheduling lessons.

2. Obtain instrument and Accent on Achievement Book 1

  • Rent or purchase an instrument by September 27.  You may rent an instrument from any instrumental rental company. Many companies have a rent-to-own program which includes repairs and also can provide any necessary accessories- Accent on Achievement Book 1, reeds, valve oil, etc. Many Burlington families go to Leonards Music in Bedford.
    Leonards Music in Bedford at leonardsmusic.com.
    Music and Arts in Newton and Peabody at musicarts.com 
    David French music in Westborough at davidfrenchmusic.com.
  • If you own an instrument, please be sure it is in good working order by September 27.
  • If you wish to purchase an instrument on your own, please be careful of low priced instruments that may also be of low quality, possibly making your child’s experience difficult due to poor workmanship. Researching a company or website that specializes in musical instruments for schools can help to familiarize you with the brands that are commonly used.
  • Financial assistance is available if needed, please contact me for further information.
  • Purchase Accent on Achievement Book 1 for the specific instrument by September 27 . This can be through the rental company that you choose, a local music store or an online source.
  • Clarinet and saxophone students should have a supply of 5 or 10 #2 reeds. These can be through the rental company that you choose, a local music store or an online source.

Introductory lessons will begin the week of September 13 . Lessons with instruments will begin on or shortly after September 27 .  Any questions please contact me at napierkowski@bpsk12.org.  I look forward to getting started with our new Burlington band members.

Thank you

Mark Napierkowski


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