Grade 4 and 5 Guidelines

Grade 4 and 5 Instrumental Guidelines

•Practicing at home will ensure success. Recommendation is 4 or more times per week with chair and music stand. A practice routine should include warming up, working on exercises and music, and playing some favorite music. Use practice record to keep track of progress.

•Students should bring their instrument and music to school on the day of the weekly lesson and the day of the band rehearsal (if different).

•Check with classroom teacher for the time of the weekly lesson. If there is a schedule conflict, please see Mr. Napierkowski to get an alternate lesson time for that week.

•For each lesson, please bring instrument and folder with method book, pencil and other music.

•Clarinet and sax players- be sure to always have extra reeds. Swab instrument after each lesson and practice session.

•Trumpet players- keep valves oiled at home to save time at the lesson in school. Empty water keys frequently.

•Trombone players- keep slide in good working order at home. Empty water key frequently.

•Flute players- clean inside of flute with cleaning rod and cloth after each lesson and practice session.