Instrumental Music Lessons 2018

4th Grade Band Instrument Lessons

Hello, my name is Mark Napierkowski and I teach the bands at Memorial, Fox Hill and Pine Glen. This letter is to inform you of your child’s opportunity to begin playing a band instrument in the 4th grade. Currently the band program in Burlington is very strong,  including around 400 students in grades 4-12. Playing a musical instrument and participating in a musical organization fosters intellectual and personal growth.  The study of music develops mental discipline, listening skills, and creative problem-solving abilities that can improve academic success.  From music performance young people learn teamwork, poise and self-esteem.

Your child recently saw a demonstration of 5 band instruments- flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet and trombone. Beginning in September, weekly 25-30 minute small group lessons on these instruments are scheduled with me. Lessons are offered as part of the curriculum during the school day and are on a rotating schedule minimizing missed classes. The students perform in concerts in December, March and May. Students who are in the string program may continue with strings or join the band program, schedule constraints do not allow both.

If you and your child are willing to commit to lessons and home practice on one of these instruments (recommendation is 4-7 days per week for 10 or more minutes each time), then please follow these steps:

  1. Register online at by September 10. This provides me with information to contact you regarding the program as well as assisting with scheduling lessons for next year.
  2. Rent or purchase an instrument by September 24
    1. You may rent an instrument from any local instrumental rental company. Many companies have a rent-to-own program and also can provide any necessary accessories- Accent on Achievement Book 1, reeds, valve oil, etc.
    2. If you own an instrument, please be sure it is in good working order by Sept.24.
    3. If you wish to purchase an instrument on your own, please be careful of low priced instruments that may also be of low quality, possibly making your child’s experience difficult due to poor workmanship.
  3. Purchase Accent on Achievement Book 1 for the specific instrument by September 24. This can be through the rental company that you choose, a local music store or an online source.
  4. Clarinet and saxophone students should have a box of 10 Rico Royal #2 reeds (blue box).

Introductory lessons will begin the week of September 10. Lessons with instruments will begin the week of September 24.  Any questions please contact me at  I look forward to getting started with our new Burlington band members.

Thank you

Mark Napierkowski